West Sixth Brewing to release next beer in seasonal series: DankeChain Oktoberfest in cans

west-sixth-Danke-chainNew beer will be available throughout the state on draft and in cans beginning in August

West Sixth Brewing announced today the latest beer in their seasonal series: the DankeChain Oktoberfest. It will be available in cans throughout their distribution area beginning in August.

Following the Belgian Blonde and Heller Heaven Double IPA seasonal, this beer is the perfect one to enjoy as summer begins winding down and Oktoberfest season begins. It’s a traditional German-style lager that’s moderate strength and malt-focused.

“We’re really excited about this version of our DankeChain Oktoberfest” said head brewer and co-founder Robin Sither. “We first released this beer for our Oktoberfest celebration the first year we opened and have continued to improve on it through a series of experimental batches”.

The beer is named DankeChain in reference to FoodChain, the non-profit indoor aquaponics farm next door to the brewery. They have been a partner with West Sixth Brewing since the beginning, using the spent grain from the brewing process to grow tilapia and a variety of vegetables in a sustainable manner.

As with all of the West Sixth labels, this one was designed by Brian Turner of Lexington-based Cricket Press. Brian said: “We wanted to give a nod to the traditional colors and imagery of the Bavarian flag, which is synonymous with all things Oktoberfest, but also add in the fun illustrated elements associated with the season and the beer style.”

Co-founder Brady Barlow said “We’re particularly excited to release this beer in order to have it available for all of the great events we’ll be at this fall. From the Woodland Art Fair and Crave in Lexington, to NuLu Fest in Louisville, to Zinzinnati Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, you’ll see this beer everywhere”.

The beer will be available throughout West Sixth’s distribution area in kegs and cans beginning in August. Cans will be sold in a 6 pack, 12 ounce can set.

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