Ei8ht Ball Brewing (Newport)


Ei8ht Ball Brewing opened it’s doors Nov 23rd 2013, they are part brewery and part craft beer bar. They serve the best craft beers from all over the world on 42 taps, right in the back of one of the biggest retail liquor stores in the country, The Party Source. They are also very proud to serve Ei8ht Ball Beers, brewed on premise by Mitch Dougherty and Andrew Ritterbeck on a 15 barrel system. A bit more about Ei8ht Ball Itself, below…

Ei8ht Ball, named after the streets we got their credit from, they are humble yet proud. Local but not influenced. They might not move mountains, but will push the envelope. They will test theories and create moments through their liquid in which tones and times are their muse. They will brew and flow with poise and confidence. They will rush for no one, yet hesitate for nothing. They strive to please but make no apologies. No billboards, neon lights and flashy text, it’s not their speed.

Make them part of your flight or enjoy them with a meal and the mission is complete. For all of those in search of something diverse, unique, improved and fresh, look into, behind, under and around the Ei8ht Ball. What you will find is what you never thought you were looking for.


They have 42 craft beers on tap, so all the beers are listed on the website, and updated regularly. This includes Ei8ht Ball Beers. Those are also listed separately. Right now they have 6 Ei8ht Ball Beers on tap…

  1. Prodigal Son – APA
  2. Word – Scotch Ale
  3. Tiny Pig – Saison
  4. Tarnished – Golden Ale
  5. K-Hole – Imperial Stout
  6. Red drink – Red IPA
  7. Preach – Double IPA
  8. Michael J. Bocks – Maibock


In the back of
The Party Source
95 Riviera Drive
Bellevue, Ky 41073.


Our official address has not been fully registered yet, but will be 18 Distillery Way, Newport KY 41071.


M-W: 11 am – 9:30pm
Thurs: 11- 10:30pm
F-Sat: 11-11:30
Sun: 11-7:30

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